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The Wine Cellar

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So, Dan Blaker asked in the comments yesterday about where the wine cellar is. Hey, the fine life is much appreciated on this little boat! Actually, we do have a wine cellar, the photo is a repost of a photo that accompanied my blog post from October 2009 showing my husband (confusingly for the purposes of this post, also named Dan) stowing a case of Spanish wine that was a bon voyage gift from good friends and marina neighbors Juan and Maria.

stowing the wine sm

The common wisdom is to store wine below the water line, where temperatures are moderated by the sea. If they were stored high, the daily fluctuations would be rather like storing wine in the trunk of your car, too warm by day then cooling down at night … not conducive to good quality! A number of cruisers we know store their wine in the bilge. Okay, it is below the waterline, but the “yuck” factor of the bilge is just too great for me. Not to mention the possibility of dripping oil, shower scum, or possibly compromising the bilge pump (which in a worst-case scenario could sink us). None of these sounds desirable for the wine either. On our boat the good wine is stored in a dry locker under the V-berth. Added bonus – it’s a bit of a hassle to retrieve from there, encouraging us to savor it for special occasions only!

Dan Blaker also asked about laundry … Yes, we I do have a washing machine on board as well. <*holds up both hands and wiggles fingers, grinning*>

(Hey, the humidity is gone and the breeze is picking up, more boat tour photos next week, but for the next few days, we're going sailing!)

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