Wednesday, December 26, 2012

GRRR ... and the Water System Gremlins Continue!

Yesterday, a glorious long hot shower, courtesy of our new hot water heater.  Sink drain clogged with hair and soap scum - no problem cleaning it out now by running hot-hot-hot water down it.

Only to discover that there's a slow leak in the hot water system that needs to be fixed.  That led to a bit of fresh water in the bilge.  Which in turn led us to discover the main electric bilge pump isn't working.  No sweat, we have a backup.  Oops, the backup isn't working.  No sweat, we have a manual backup for the backup.  That's not working either!  WTF??

Guess I know what we'll be doing today.  Sigh.

(Not seawater coming in or danger of sinking.  Important, but not urgent.)


  1. Clogged drain, slow leak in hot water system, all bilge pumps down....I still think being onboard with all of that beats "the day after shopping" mad house - so you win!

    s/v Honey Ryder Caliber 40 LRC

  2. LOL Sabrina! You're right - sun reflections off the water are even shinier than holiday tinsel. And watching a single brave (cold?) bird work the shoreline is much better for my sense of peace. Hope you survived the shopping madness and that there's more time on the water in your future.