Monday, March 18, 2013

An Image of Winter, Part 2

Once I started trying to see what was there, instead of what I wanted to see, things went a lot better.  I'd still rather make pictures with words than with a camera, but here's a hint of what its like to live aboard in winter at a marina.  Note there are no people in these pictures.  That's because almost everyone has wisely gone somewhere warmer and/or dryer for the season.
View from the dock.

Lots of empty slips; but we're snug and dry inside our enclosure.

Spare dockline patiently waiting its chance to tie up a boat come spring.

Ice on isinglass.

The image I intended, that started it all.

The odd shape of this finger pier is emphasized by the snow.

Dock cleat and reflections of a clearing sky.

This guy is not happy about the cold!

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