Friday, April 3, 2015

Blogging from A to Z

(image from here)
Learned about this great bloggy challenge when I read a great post about the true meaning of "Adventurous" from Ellen at The Cynical Sailor & His Salty Sidekick, and couldn't resist.  It's pretty simple in theory -- write one post a day for the month of April, and each day's post is inspired by one letter of the alphabet, in order.  More details are here if you want them.  (You're supposed to post every day except Sunday, but since I'm starting three days late, I'll be playing catch-up, and instead of Sundays just take "bonus days" when I need to.)

Since I usually like to take my time with each post, ruminating and fine tuning for several days or a week before hitting the "publish" button, this will be a departure for me.  Let's see how it works out!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! It will be fun to be doing it with you :-)

  2. I think so too! This challenge was just perfect for me now, I'm so glad you found it. I'll be doing "D" tomorrow and then be all caught up!