Monday, January 11, 2010

At Anchor, Alligator River

Gotta love these names – first the Dismal Swamp, then this. This is a totally pristine spot. Low, scrubby trees, marsh, no sign of anything man-made for a full 360 degrees except the other boats in the anchorage with us, and the small marker showing the channel.

It has been two weeks since we started. Dan says he’s awed that we’re in all these new places and our home is with us. We’re used to moving - we count 23 moves between us since college – but that always involved dislocation and packing and unpacking and selecting a new place. Not this time! At the same time, what I hadn’t expected was the lack of down time. Hey, I’m retired! How did I get into this thing that involves getting under way at 8 AM and going until 5? Where is the relaxing in the sunshine, exploring new ports, time for writing, sketching, reflection? This is waaaay harder than I signed up for. The word “quit” has crossed my mind.

Thank goodness for our sailing mentors James and Ellen, who put it in perspective for us. “This is the work part. Think of it as a boat delivery. Our job is to get the boats to the Bahamas. When we get there, then we can play.

Okay, I’m back on track. Anchors up at 0730 tomorrow, destination Bonner Bay, about 60 miles south.

(Note, sorry, I’m introducing a bit of a time warp here. I couldn’t post this when it was written, Oct 25, as we were out of cellphone and hence internet range for several days.)

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