Monday, January 11, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

We’re at “Velcro Beach” (a.k.a Vero Beach, so nicknamed by cruisers because it’s so hospitable, people tend to stick around for longer than they’d planned) for Thanksgiving. There’s a cruisers’ potluck dinner; we’re bringing West Indies style pumpkin soup. I’m thankful for the incredible life I’m living, thankful for: blue skies/sunshine/fair currents/wind in our sails/arcing dolphins swimming alongside us/pelicans divebombing the water for fish/good nautical charts/cortisone ointment for bug bites/waving at other boaters as we pass/Spanish moss hanging from tree branches/cormorants sitting on daymarks, drying their wings in the sun (sorry, but it looks to me for all the world like they’re airing their armpits; always makes me smile)/my Tilley hat and polarized sunglasses/no longer starting my weekdays saying goodbye to Dan and getting in the car to drive to work on the Beltway/good friends willing to share their expertise/a reliable anchor/the absolutely amazing group of people who are our friends and family/solar panels/wavelets rocking us to sleep/waiting patiently for the end of our journey, a familiar dock in Annapolis to tie up to and call home.

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