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The Follow-Up to a Couple of My Earlier Posts

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SpinSheet November 2010 Cover Photo by Joe McCary, of Dave Skolnick's Halberg-Rassey sailboat "Auspicious" (click here to read the entire issue)

One of the wonderful photos Joe McCary took from the bridge over the Severn River for our Photo Op became this month's cover for SpinSheet! A well-deserved honor for Joe's work, especially after standing those hours in the drizzly rain. Especially amusing for us, after the photo op we came back to Back Creek together with one of the other boats in the group - it was hard to mistake their brilliant yellow spinnaker as they put the boat away, directly across the creek from us. Here was someone I had emailed back and forth with on the SailNet website for months, never knowing that he lived so close; the funny way the internet has of connecting people.

Also, the folks we "met" through the anchor-dragging incident in September invited us to lunch. They wanted to thank us for (inadvertently) saving their boat, and maybe learn some anchoring tips. We laughed, a lot, together, and traded stories about how each of us got our boat names; that her father and mine had both worked in aerospace; that their son was hoping to get into the Naval Academy next year. We traded emails and hope to raft up next summer - in a planned way this time!

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