Saturday, April 2, 2011

Something Different

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We've been staying at this marina at the south end of Eleuthera to shelter from the fronts which are coming through with regularity now. The locals are complaining of the cold and wind - we saw a woman driving one of the ubiquitous golf carts and wearing a parka with a fur-trimmed hood.
We're renting a car to explore the island by land, as they refer to it here, "down north." (Confusing to me, since north is both "up" on the maps, and the hillier part of the island.) This will be the first time I've been behind the wheel since selling my car when we began this voyage in September ... AND ... they drive on the left here. Watch out world! (Pix and stories, I'm sure, when we get back.)
(originally published 16 February 2010)

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