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Thinking of Annapolis and the Coming Snow

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(trying not to gloat, but sending a few sunshiny pictures and hoping you all stay warm this weekend)

The harbor at Black Point is completely untenable in a west wind and since west was in the forecast, we sought shelter back at Staniel Cay. This was the first time in almost 4 months that we’d gone back to a place we’d been before, come into a harbor knowing what to expect. We welcomed that comfortable familiarity of known places. It was kicky to sit in the cockpit and read Martha Wohlford’s humorous novel about drug smugglers operating on a laid back pristine little island “somewhere in the Bahamas” – and to be in the place we were reading about and recognize some of the real places that inspired places in the novel and literally to be able to see the authors quirky turquoise and yellow house from the spot we were sitting and reading. It was pleasant to sit at the by-now-familiar yacht club bar and chat with people who knew us. The other thing that we realized we appreciated (and had missed!) was continuity … until now we’d only had present-tense snapshots of people that we’d come across and would be unlikely to see again. No past, no future. It was nice to reconnect with people and have a sense of time. We reconnected with Jake and Joelle of the dive shop – and learned that they’d already used ¼ of the bottle of hot sauce we’d given them earlier in January– the size that lasts us a YEAR. Okay, that makes us officially wimps about spicy food. We also reconnected with Millie – last time we were here she’d taught us to recognize the leaves that are brewed into “strongback” tea – in Bahamian folk medicine, used for just what the name implies. She asked if it had helped; I don’t know that it will replace the physical therapy exercises I’ve been doing, but it brewed up into a mild, pleasant-tasting amber tea.

After the front passed, we were back to Black Point and the kids. Now, the edges of the storm that is predicted to bring 16-24 inches of snow to Annapolis this weekend will bring strong south and west winds to the Bahamas so Black Point will again become untenable – these islands are low and scrubby and don’t have much to block the wind – so again we’re seeking shelter. This time we’re at Compass Key, a private island a bit north of Staniel and just outside the park. In addition to the hiking trails, one of the attractions they offer is swimming with the sharks (very well-fed nurse sharks, used to humans and not aggressive).

At the helm, near Black Point

Swimming with the sharks

So many hiking trails to choose from!

(originally published 4 February 2010)

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