Saturday, April 2, 2011

Moving On?

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It’s been drizzling all day; that wasn’t predicted, though our weather forecasts have normally been pretty accurate. We’re hoping to leave tomorrow, sail back to the Exumas after 2+ weeks here in Eleuthera. So Dan’s been out readying the boat, stowing the kayak, readjusting the docklines, all while wearing his wetsuit so he can move easily in the rain. I’m setting up the navigation and checking the weather. One forecast calls for 15 knots of wind from the east, 72 degrees and clear, which would make for a perfectly lovely sail. But the other forecast says 10 knots from the west. Huh? Check yet a third forecast model … that one calls for no wind at all! Gee, guys, could you reach consensus please? It makes a difference to me. Okay, um, maybe we’re leaving tomorrow.

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