Saturday, April 2, 2011

Home Again!

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We woke up to a lovely misty Chesapeake morning, and set our course for due north and home. Gradually, one after another familiar landmarks came into view, and we eagerly pointed them out to each other: “Oh, look! That thin gray line on the horizon – it’s the Bay Bridge!” and “I see the radio towers at Greenbury Point!” Maybe it was a trick of the viewing angle, or of memory, or maybe the stress of a hard winter, but is the lighthouse at Sharp’s Point leaning more than it did last autumn?

The sun came out and we saw Thomas Point light, anchored commercial vessels, LOTS of small recreational fishing boats, 2 sailboat races, a Navy warship, and the spires of the churches and the green dome at the Naval Academy … and then we turned up Back Creek and into our familiar slip … and did little but veg out for the next two days.

I’m still finding that during that half-awake haze, when I’m between sleep and alertness, I’m getting panicky, thinking we have to hurry and get the anchor up and get some miles under our keel before evening!

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