Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Home Again!

"Dan and Jaaaaye!  You're back!"

We had thought we'd be keeping a low profile for a few days while we recovered from our sleepless overnight.  Ha! Never mind that! Seems that our friends Tony and Michelle had heard us on the VHF hailing first the Bridge of Lions for an opening, then friends Mike and Lori who were also waiting for the same bridge opening, and then the City Marina for our slip.  So Facebook announced our arrival before we were even tied up, and heartwarming "welcome home"s greeted us everywhere.

Since our cover was blown anyway, we happily made plans to attend several Cruisers' Net and pirate family gatherings and events over the next several weeks.  Friends that I'd only seen on Facebook over the last six months were greeted with hugs, air-kisses (try doing that when you're both wearing swords and tricorn hats, it's an interesting dance) and squeals of delight.  This is what home is, I think ... where you're glad to be there, and they're genuinely glad to see you, and you know you can both grow and contribute.  Sometimes in our lives "home" has been a physical place on a map; sometimes it hasn't been a specific place, it's simply been our boat, whereever the anchor is set; and sometimes it's been nothing tangible at all, just the welcome of the people circling us.

They say December is the darkest month ... not in our little town!  (Nights of Lights photo from City of St Augustine)

All in good fun -- photobombing Mike and Lori at the St Augustine Cruisers Net Thanksgiving Day potluck (photo by Michelle Bennett)

Thanksgiving Day potluck had 50+ people!

Getting some swordfighting tips from Diego at the St Augustine Pirate Gathering (photo from here)

Tony proudly serving up some T-day yumminess (photo by Michelle Bennett)

For a $5 donation to parrot rescue group, I got the indescribable feeling of these intelligent, curious birds posing with me (photo by G. Elise Moloney)

I finally met Facebook friend "Pirate Cap'n Daniel Red" in person ... and he graciously let me experience his companion Morgan 

Lovely day for a potluck!

With pirate friends Allison, Rick, and Aruna (photo by G. Elise Moloney)
and more pirates
Bringing my two St Augustine friend-groups together --- the Cruisers' Net moderators group posing with pirate tourguides Rick and Aruna.  And that's really what home is ... the place where you can share your wild side!