Friday, July 10, 2015

News Flash

We set sail for Maine on Monday.  My laptop charger has died, so no updates here for a while.  I'll try to leave notes on Facebook.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Philadephia - New York photo tour

I have a lot less internet time so far, than I expected.  And frankly, I'm too busy having adventures, to have time to write about them!  But here's a quick photo dump ... more coming, and more on Life Afloat's facebook page ...

Our first event in Camden was a fundraiser/reception for the city's leadership and included this live painting from a local artist

sunset over Philly

I was so excited to see the rubber ducky, but he was damaged.  I've got my little rubber duck souvenir, though.

Beautiful full moon sail on the way to New York

I've got so many pictures at the helm that are more beautiful.  But this one is probably my favorite, despite the rumpled clothing and messy hair.  Because this one -- it's the real deal, I'm steering the ship!!!!!

On the cutwater deck with some of my crew friends

Dan and Choco working on a splice

Fire drill, and safety training

Sunset at sea

Ancient cargo ship meets modern cargo ship

First view of New York City in the mist

Everyone's excited to see the Statue of Liberty

Coming into New York with the iconic skyline

My job during docking ... ringing the bell!!

My friend Teaira

Tall ship ... very tall ship

You know all those photos of toes relaxing in the sand?  Here's ours, exhausted on the forecastle deck after our two-day, two-night passage.