Sunday, August 2, 2009


That’s boatspeak for “back into the water” and far more comfortable than being “on the hard” as were for the last week and a half. The marina drove a kind of motorized frame over our boat and lifted it in a pair of giant webbing slings. Then they drove to a special slip designed for the purpose, and lowered us back into the water.
While we were hanging in the slings we asked them what the boat weighed – 21,000 pounds. Interesting, when we first bought the boat and had it moved by truck from Texas to Michigan, the driver told us – and charged us – for 17,000 pounds. So where did the extra 4,000 pounds come from? Part of it was fuel and water, the tanks were completely empty for the drive, but full last week. 120 gallons of water weighs about 1,000 pounds, and 50-odd gallons of diesel, another 350 pounds. And there’s some new equipment that we added, an autopilot and a windlass and 2 large anchors and 100 feet of anchor chain. All told, maybe another 500 or 600 pounds. Still, there’s 2000 pounds of additional weight unaccounted for. The only thing left is our personal possessions. That means that despite all our talk of simplifying and downsizing, after living aboard for seven years … we still have A TON OF STUFF!!! Literally!!!

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