Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Not Another One!

If you are getting tired of reading blog posts about water system issues in my life, yeah, well, I'm getting tired of writing about them.  I'm getting tired of having them!  But we've had another one, this time in our rental condo.  Our property management company sent a plumber out right away, only to find out the leak was in a common line that served the building, rather than our unit.  And the building manager wasn't being as responsive as she should have been (*ahem*, understatement of the year - our property manager's repeated phone calls were not returned while the building manager said our property manager was difficult to work with; the building manager said the tenant was hard to get in touch with while the tenant said the building manager never left messages; I had to resort to calling the building manager's boss to get any response) while the tenant was in a situation that she described like this:
photo from National Weather Service

as water continued to flow from a leaky pipe for TWO WEEKS. Granted that living on a boat, I have a rather exaggerated response to leaks:  if you delay fixing a leaky roof in a house, some furniture might get wet, but if you delay fixing a leak on a boat, your home might sink.  But TWO WEEKS?!!  To get a plumber while a pipe sprays water from a pinhole leak?  Crazy!

Enter Judy, my insurance agent's magical fix-it person.  She calms me down and cheers me up and generally fits the square pegs of my life afloat into the round holes that are expected by the computer system used to categorize risk in the insurance world.  It can be challenging explaining that I own my home without owning a house or having a fixed address, but somehow she makes it work.  And just a few hours after I talked with her and relayed her wording to the building manager's voicemail, we had a plumber helping the understandably frustrated tenant.

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