Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Images From Our Last Few Days in St Aug

Watching a storm arrive, while acting as guides on El Galeon.  I love photos like this, that are "lost in time" -- only one tiny thing gives away that this is the 21st century and not the 17th. (photo by Ale Mallado)

Partying Black Raven style after the RumRunners sail on Saturday night

Now we know why the rum is always gone!

We invited the El Galeon crew to one of the Cruiser's Net happy hours and gave them a burgee, which they flew on the ship the next day.

Friend Grace St Clare invited us out for pizza after work ... and arranged a surprise farewell party.  We had no idea!

El Galeon at sunset, from our dinghy

When I do events, I usually dress as a man (or rather, as a woman trying to disguise herself as a man) because that's part of the history I try to educate people about; the position of women in these times.  But when I play with the Black Raven gang, the operative word is play, and I can be a bit less historically accurate, and get my girly side on.

The Black Raven crew getting ready for the Blessing of the Fleet

Sunset, the view from our cockpit

On our way back from the surprise pizza farewell party, we met these 3 Greek Orthodox monks.  We're used to people asking for photos, but this was a first.  They were delightful, and its hard to know if we were more excited to pose with them, or they with us.  (Really hard to get a photo of black-clothed people at night, but I did what I could to enhance the lighting with photoshop.)  

This guy had obviously had fencing lessons, and he really glommed onto my sword!

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