Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Politician Who Gets It!

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When I first started blogging for the Capital in 2008, (wow, have I really been at this for six years?) I was a girl on a mission.  I wanted people in my adopted hometown of Annapolis to understand why people would want to live on a boat, and that we're not all weird rebels and dropouts and losers or one step above homeless and a threat to property values or safety.  My very first post alluded to this, in fact.  I profiled several liveaboards at the Gangplank marina in Washington DC who were also trying to get this message to their community.  I defended liveaboards and anchored vessels when the question of restricting anchoring in Back Creek came up a few years ago.  I even wrote a piece for a CNN series on small-space living about what its like to live on a small boat.

So I was really excited to read a story in the Capital last week about a tiny house being built by students at Key School that was featured as home of the week. I've been following the Tiny House movement because of how much it has in common with living on a boat.  I think the house was/will be pretty cool but my favorite line in the article was the reaction from Governor O'Malley: "He pointed out the Annapolis area is already full of tiny houses. They’re called “sailboats.” " Someone in power who gets it? Oh, YESSSSS!

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