Sunday, November 22, 2015

Getting Back on Track!

So this goofy thing has been circulating around Facebook that builds a pretty word cloud of the words you used most often.  Here's mine:

I love that among my most commonly used words, "El Galeon" is the center of my universe, and "fun" "friends" "wonderful" "happy" and "ship"  also show up. (But then again, so do "hurricane" "beer" and "problems.") Seeing the word cloud also reminds me that I never finished my El Galeon posts.  

Partly, I've been too busy having adventures to write about them, and partly, I have hundreds of disorganized photos to sort through, as a result of my internet access being so limited aboard ship. But today's a rainy, blustery day, perfect for a pot of chili and some writing, so stay tuned!

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