Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Blue-Haired Little Old Lady (Well...Not Exactly)

Coming back to a quiet routine of everyday life after our wonderful summer was going to be something of a shock to our systems. We were looking forward to relaxing quiet time alone together on our boat, but at the same time I wondered if it would feel a little ... boring, and lonely. Plus, it was my birthday August 11 and without being surrounded by the wonderful young energy of my Galeon friends I was feeling my age a bit. Hard to explain, after being a rock star all summer, would I fade into quiet obscurity, just some random semi-invisible old person?  I didn't feel old inside! I've always thought that gray hair looked great with tan skin, as long as the haircut had a sense of style. Without a touch of edginess in the cut, I worried that my no-nonsense hair cut, along with gray hair, would just look like "old lady who just gave up on her appearance" And anyway, I needed something to symbolize that I wasn't the person I used to be.  I wanted nautical, I wanted a little bit rebellious, and a little bit fun.

Dyeing my whole head of silver curls would either look pathetic or Bozo-the-clown-ish, but fortunately I remembered a girl on one of the other tall ships who I had gotten friendly with during the tour.  She had a streak of pink and gold hair in an otherwise short dark head, and it looked really good and quite distinctive, but not super dramatic. Could I replicate that vibe in a more adult look?

Enter my stylist Sheri, who totally read my mind, created a perfect cut and fun color look in what she called "mermaid-y" blue and green, and even told me what color shirts to wear to show it off. I was delighted with the reactions of strangers, who complemented me in the grocery store, the parking lot, on the street.  This kind of old lady blue hair, I can do!


  1. Thanx Ellen! I've been having fun with it. Gotta wonder what will happen when we get to the keys though; all that sun and salt water and swimming and diving makes colour fade fast!