Tuesday, October 31, 2017


There is no such thing in English as a single shenanigan or hijink -- these things, like pants and scissors, only exist in plural. ("Travesuras" in Spanish) We are generally a work-hard-play-hard crew.

Carlos, Marie, Yesson, and (?) Adelie (?) sharing limited seating in Rimouski

Fernando having fun in the bosun's chair after hours
Hawaiian shirt themed dock party for crew only, in Quebec City

Conga Line! The 4-8 watch was nicknamed the "Sunshine Watch" partly for their dispositions and partly because, given the long summer days this far north, it was often already beginning to get light when they came on watch in the morning, and was still light when they came off watch in the evening. They saw every sunrise and sunset. When the 8-12 watch relieved them, they sometimes formed a conga line to march off the quarterdeck, down the stairs, and into the galley, to much hilarity.

A quiet beer in a sidewalk cafe in Quebec City. 

A local pirate crewe in Quebec City came aboard for a photo shoot at the end of one day. 

In mild conditions underway, the tajamar (cutwater deck) was the preferred place for jam sessions. In rough or cold conditions they'd play belowdecks in the cargo hold. Ryan and Victor on guitar, Jemima on cellphone. Sorry, I can't quite make out who is sitting on the drum box.

I'm not exactly sure how we went from shrink-wrapping the mast, to shrink-wrapping Alba. Surely this isn't a normal part of gaining officer experience!

Not really a "shenanigan;" engineer Carlos trading the engine room on the lowest deck, for his first climb to the crow's nest.

The gang, at the bar in Gaspe where the waitress helped me translate my tour into French. Fortunately that translation happened before too much beer was poured.

Later that same afternoon... Ultimately, we spent almost 8 hours in that place. Every time we got ready to leave, a new group of crew members showed up, and we stayed with them for "just one beer."

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