Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wait. Stop. Think.

So, we mail-ordered this amazing new light fixture for the main cabin. All our friends have been raving about this - great color light,super energy-efficient, attractive box, etc etc. It arrived yesterday and we can't wait to install it. We're reading the instructions and there's this warning about being careful about the input voltage, if the lamp is operating with input voltage too high it will burn out the ballast. Uh, oh, our new super-efficient solar panels? Could they cause problems when they're running at full capacity on a bright sunny afternoon while the lamp is on?

Panic. We're digging through the technical specs, dig out the volt-ohm-meter, what to do? We spend at least 1/2 hour trying to decide if it'll be safe to combine this lamp with these solar panels.

Wait. Stop. Think. How often are we likely to need to turn the light on during a bright sunny afternoon? Ummm, right, got it! Duh!

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