Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Because Travel is What Boats are For

We've done lots of one- or two-week trips on other people's boats, in various places from Maine to the Virgin Islands. On *our* boat, we've also only been able to go out for one-week trips here in the mid-Chesapeake. I wrote about one such cruise, where we traveled to Rock Hall and Baltimore, last October. We've been limited to a week due to work committments. But that's changing.
This summer we’re retiring. Actually, Dan is already retired, and I'll retire at the end of this month. To celebrate, we’re taking an 8-month cruise on *our* boat. We plan to spend the month of September cruising the Chesapeake, coming back to Annapolis for Boat Show in October, then going down the southeast coast of the US, to the Bahamas, and expected back in Annapolis in April or May 2010. It's going to be a big change for us after almost 7 years having a fixed address here in Annapolis. I'm both excited and nervous about my soon-to-be new life. I'll be blogging about the trip here in "Life Afloat," because ultimately, even though it's our home, its also a boat, and travel is what boats are for.

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