Monday, January 11, 2010

On the Move - Southbound

My FaceBook status posts over the last week or so tell the story of traveling southward every day. The changes have been gradual, but gradually the vegetation has become unfamiliar as southern species that can’t handle Maryland winters predominate. We’re seeing pelicans dive-bombing the water and porpoises arcing, with regularity now. Some days are sunny and many are misty and drizzly. James and Ellen tell us that the relatively warm weather we’ve been having is a gift, but we feel like we’re hurrying only a few steps ahead of Old Man Winter.
*First the Great Dismal Swamp, then the Alligator River - these Southerners have a way with names! Anchoring tonight near Oriental, NC.
*[no posts for 3 days as we were anchored in a different place every night, all pretty in their way, surrounded by undeveloped marsh or trees, no sign of anything built by humans]
*Snuggled down last night for a big wind, today sunny & pleasant; Morehead City or Beaufort NC tonight.
*Tied up at the city marina in Morehead City, NC. Feels strange to be in civilization after being anchored out in very pristine areas for the past several days.
*Having pizza delivered = one of the underappreciated luxuries of being back in civilization.
*At anchor in Mile Hammock Bay - inside Camp Lejeune - while the Marines practice helicopter maneuvers overhead at what seems like barely above mast height. They were very loud, and so close that we felt the rotor wash like a strong gust of wind. [even the two amazing photos below, taken by James Forsyth, don't begin to do the experience justice]

*Wrightsville Beach, NC, after a drizzly, misty day. Lots of practice speeding up for timed drawbridges, or slowing down or stationkeeping waiting for timed drawbridges (we passed 3 today). Dinner tonight at the land home of Tom & Debbie [friends whose sailboat, Sunshine, is at our home Port Annapolis marina. The visit was lovely, both their hospitality and the city tour they gave us. Also a quick visit from Dan's sister Karen - who was delighted to finally come aboard and see the boat. The dinghy trip alone was an experience.]
*The only ice I want to see this winter is in my drink glass!
*Tomorrow, down the Cape Fear River, timing our departure to catch a ride on fair currents from a falling tide. But tonight, at anchor at Carolina Beach, sourdough bread rising in a blue bowl.

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