Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween Fun

We garbed up on Friday to visit Savannah again.  This would be our last chance to serve as interpretive guides aboard the El Galeon for a while, and chat with visitors to that historic ship.  But since it was also Halloween, we anticipated additional shenanigans.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell came to the Galeon saying they were looking for Captain Hook...
but Dangerous Dan would do.  Classy and Southern to the core.

We had a couple of errands to run in Beaufort on our way to the ship. First we had to stop at West Marine to see if the replacement compass for our autopilot had arrived.  Reactions are always unpredictable when we wander about our 21st-century world dressed in our 17th-century clothing.  We walked in the door and Jody, one of the ever-friendly service guys we had worked with before, didn't miss a beat as he asked his colleague, "Hey, was the flux capacitor for the time machine in that last truck delivery?"  (It wasn't, but our compass was.)  The folks at the liquor store weren't quite sure what to make of us when we said we were buddies of Captain Morgan [the life-size statue in front of the store.]

All week in Savannah when we walked from the parking garage to the Galeon, folks we met on the street immediately assumed that we were working with the ship, and often came up to us to ask questions.  But on Friday, no one even blinked.  This time people merely assumed we were in somewhat elaborate Halloween costumes, like the Darth Vader guy we met walking along River Street or the witch waiting for the traffic light with us. We were told that Savannah goes all-out for Halloween. So after our work shift was done, we stopped into the bar across the plaza and ordered a couple of beers in plastic to-go cups from the bloody mummy behind the counter.  Savannah allows open containers and we were anxious to try walking around downtown with a beer "just because we could," and do some people-watching, certain the night would offer many possibilities ... and it did.

Me with my new buddy Captain Morgan ...
(or at least, the resin statue of him in front of Bill's Liquors.)

Historic characters like Dangerous Dan
have nothing to fear from historic steps, savvy?

Street crafter Chris makes these roses from palm fronds.

El Galeon lit up as the "Haunted Pirate Ship" for Halloween night,
complete with smoke machines and eerie noises, 

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