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Impossible to do it justice, that achingly, soul-searing shade of deep ocean blue 

Crossing back from Eleuthera, and there’s that blue again. Deep, luminous, transparent sapphire as we cross the mile-deep Exuma Sound westbound on a clear, sunny day. The wind is too light for sailing and again we’re alone and out of sight of land. That blue, impossible to describe with words or duplicate with pencil or crayon or paint. That blue that my friend and dock-neighbor artist Kristine Kowalski said dominated her art for months after her first ocean passage. That blue that does for your eyes what a chime or gong does for your ears – a single clear pure note that resonates within you and goes on forever.

And then a gray-green smudge on the horizon grew to a lump, several lumps, a line. The sapphire changed to turquoise as the sound became shallow toward the line of cays. We negotiated a rocky cut with swirling current, and then we were on the sheltered side of Highbourne Cay in the northern Exumas, our first stop on the route back, with the anchor set in clean sand, looking forward to a glowing sunset.

 (photo by Magda Galambos)

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