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We're Ba-a-a-a-ck ...

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Remember I said that living on a boat at the dock in winter is just like living in a (very small) apartment? So, we did what any apartment-dweller who could manage to, did for winter – we jetted off to visit friends who lived in warmer places. One set of friends was taking a break from boat life and had leased a wonderful cabin in the mountains of southern California; on a previous break they had had a funky apartment in the heart of historic Key West. Another set of friends lived for many years on their boat in Lake Michigan during the summer; every winter they got a gig house-sitting some wealthy person’s summer home nearby. Tough life, no?

When I muse on how these friends manage to land these fascinating lifestyles, it comes back not to what they have, but what they didn’t have. Living on a boat made moving ashore, or moving around from one housesitting gig to another, very easy. It’s not like they had to spend weeks packing their possessions and then rent a truck to move the sofa and the curio cabinet. That would be impossible. But because they lived on a boat, they were already living "possession-lite." Just a few boxes of books, and clothing, and they’re done, experiencing a new lifestyle for a while.

view from bathroom window sm

"You can take the boater away from the boat, but ..."

Really, it looks like a porthole, but this is the view from the bathroom window!

(originally published 31 March 2011)

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