Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Wedding Afloat

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The pleasant story earlier this week about the wedding that took place at the hospitalreminded me of another unusual wedding we attended, when our friends John and Diane Butler were married on a boat. I don't mean, they chartered one of the tour boats here in town, and had fifty or seventy guests in formalwear, and all the regular wedding traditions. This was a cruiser-style wedding, with a unique spin. The guests, many of whom had boats themselves, formed a raftup.Instead of walking down the aisle, the bride arrived in a flower-decked rowboat:the bride arrives by rowboatThe guests sat in their dinghies trailing behind the raftup, instead of seats:the guests in dinghies 2And watched as they exchanged vows in the cockpit of the largest boat. the vows in the cockpit

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