Friday, September 16, 2011

Anchoring Restrictions, Back Creek?

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back creek anchorage small Photo: the anchorage in Back Creek. The 6th Street dock in Eastport is directly behind the blue-hulled powerboat moored between the two docks.

I’ve always thought our town was particularly welcoming to cruising boaters – sailing capital of the US, and all that – so I was surprised to learn about the proposed restrictions on anchoring in Back Creek at the end of 6th street. The concern may be poorly anchored boats dragging into the neighboring marinas. Of course, that logic could apply to virtually the entire length of Back Creek; ironically, I’ve always thought that cove was one of the smarter places to anchor. The holding is better than in some other parts of the creek so the chance to drag is *less* likely, and it’s out of the main traffic way for the water taxi or for other boats going up and down the creek. So my initial reaction was “oh, no! Soon the whole creek will be off-limits, and we’d lose the special charm of the area, and I’d lose the chance to meet some of the interesting folks that come through here!” At the same time, we’ve had our share of poorly-anchored boats dragging into us, or had trouble getting into or out of our slip due to boats not respecting the 75-foot buffer zone designated around marinas. I think the harbormaster is going to have quite a balancing act on this issue, maybe secure moorings would be a good compromise? I’ll be attending the public hearing tonight (7:30, 160 Duke of Gloucester St) and hope to learn more.

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