Friday, September 16, 2011

Nice weather – if you’re a duck

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We followed the advice of our neighbor Charlee Poindexter and left the marina and took a mooring downtown in the harbor for a couple of days. Officially, we were working on routine maintenance. It was time to do the annual oiling of the teak trim. If we were to try to do this work at the marina, dock lines and power cords that hold us in the slip would be in the way of the work, but on a mooring we are held only by a single point at the bow, much simpler. But really, we just wanted to feel like cruisers again, with our boat swinging to the wind and bobbing in the water. We wanted to travel by dinghy instead of car, enjoy the slower pace, and visit those places within walking distance of the waterfront.

flooding at city dock [photo: flooding at City Dock where the dinghies tie up]

We hadn’t expected the minor flooding near City Dock, but I realized that I had a totally different perspective on it than I would have had if we had visited by car. Driving through, or parking in, even relatively shallow water can be a safety concern. But coming by dinghy it was really quite routine. More often than not, we’d get our feet wet pulling the dinghy up on the beach and then walking ashore; so this was no different. Hey, look who else had no problem with the water!

ducks at city dock [photo: close-up of mama duck and babies at the dinghy dock]

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